Three Key Ways To Strengthen Resilience

Knowledge is power, and the most useful knowledge we have is understanding ourselves. With self-awareness, we have the power to build resilience. This enables us to tackle the most challenging situations and grow from them, rather than hitting rock bottom with no way to move forward. Self-knowledge leads to resilience.

We hear the word “resilience” often, but what exactly is it? In its simplest form, resilience “means ‘bouncing back’ from difficult experiences” (APA,

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BFD Safety Health and Wellness Division March Resilience Series

Update: The Resilience Series has been rescheduled to March 24, 2017. The event has been rescheduled to honor the life of Firefighter Joseph Toscano, Watertown Fire Department Local 1347, whose funeral service will be held on March 22, 2017.

Join us on our new date, March 24, 2017, for a Resilience Series. The event is free to attend and is brought to you by O2X. The day will include stories of resilience and overcoming adversity,

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Mountain Races To Boston Firefighters – How O<small>2</small>X Is Revolutionizing Human Performance

O2X’s foundation rests on the undying pursuit of helping others get out of their comfort zones so they can maximize their human potential, on and off the mountain.

Dawn Tonge: 2015 O<small>2</small>X Rise Higher Award Winner

At the Grouse Mountain Summit Challenge on July 11, 2015, Dawn Tonge received the O2X Rise Higher Award for overcoming adversity and inspiring others.

FOX25 – O<small>2</small>X Provides Needed Training On Human Performance

"O2X is a compete performance program. It handles wellness and complete health and it was designed for longevity of the tactical athlete," says O2X Co-Founder Adam La Reau.