Boston Fire Department

Boston, MA | 2015 - Present


In 2015, O2X began a partnership with the Boston Fire Department.  Working closely with the new commissioner, Joseph Finn, our mission was to help one of the nation’s first fire departments battle rapidly increasing rates of occupational cancer, on-duty injuries, and behavioral health issues, while better preparing their members for the demands of the job.  


  • Over 30 4-day O2X Human Performance Workshops for 1100+ BFD members
  • On-site Human Performance Specialist full-time at BFD to help program implementation and deliver targeted resources to members
  • More than 1,400 body composition analyses conducted with individual reporting and feedback
  • A 5-day O2X Human Performance workshop integrated into the fire academy, along with O2X conditioning programming and assessments.
  • All members have access to O2X online training, education, and resources
  • Regular distribution of O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE deliverables to all stations


  • Overall cost savings of $6.3 million in a single year, including $4.7 million directly attributed to reduced injuries, paid time off, and monthly sick call.
  • 90% of all BFD Academy recruits improved in all five key performance metrics during physical testing and assessments track sweeping improvements in body composition across all recruits.
  • Return-to-work consultations with O2X specialist and personalized programming to help increase recovery and reduce the risk of reinjury.
  • Average academy recruit has a 2.64% loss in body fat, drops 6.37 pounds of body fat mass, and gains nearly 3 pounds of muscle.
  • Telehealth resources for BFD members
  • 180 house visits per year from O2X specialists
  • 100% of participants feel that the O2X Human Performance Workshop is making a positive difference in the overall health and wellness of the Department


2014 - 2017
2018 - 2019
2020 - Present


When I assumed the role of Fire Commissioner/ Chief of Department for the Boston Fire Department, my number one priority was improving the health and wellness of our firefighters. O2X came on board and expertly helped us tackle the most challenging problems in the fire service: cancer, cardiac disease, musculoskeletal injuries, and mental health. These issues were taking our firefighters off the job and in some cases taking their lives. The O2X workshops, training, and resources saved BFD members, saved the city money, and the men and women of the BFD loved it.
I truly recommend their programs for any fire department- you won't regret it.

Joseph E. Finn
Fire Commissioner/ Chief of Department (Retired)

In my experiences, first as a firefighter, and later as the department physician, I have developed a unique perspective of the many immediate and long-term serious health risks associated with firefighting. I am convinced that the O2X Human Performance Program is transforming the fire service into a much healthier, fitter, and safer force. This program will significantly curtail our very troubling cancer, cardiac, and orthopedic injury trends as well as ease the burden on taxpayers for these costs. Most importantly, the O2X Program will allow firefighters to operate more effectively and safely to hopefully reach, and enjoy, their retirement years with loved ones.
Dr. Michael Hamrock
Internal Medicine MD, Former BFD Firefighter

Members have consistently reported that "this is the best training that we have ever had." The O2X team also put on a Resilience Seminar with world class speakers who engaged the crowd from beginning to end. Difficult subjects such as depression, suicide, addiction, and PTSD were covered. It was an overwhelming success.
Greg Mackin
Deputy Chief, Boston Fire