Dedham Fire Department

Dedham, MA | 2017 - Present


The Dedham Fire Department protects a small suburban community that borders the city of Boston.  The agency staffs two engine companies and two ladder companies from two stations and has just over 60 full-time firefighters on staff.  For over three years, O2X has partnered with DFD to provide creative solutions for this small department that cares very deeply about the health, wellness, and performance of their members. 


  • Annual department-wide injury vulnerability assessments, reporting, and custom injury prevention protocols
  • Annual department-wide body composition analysis, reporting, and nutritional guidance
  • Department sponsored financial incentives for participation in wellness activities
  • Annual EAT SWEAT THRIVE series training blocks across all shifts
  • All members have access to O2X online training, education, and resources
  • Shift, company, and department level fitness and body composition challenges


  • Annual cost-savings resulting from reduced sick leave and decreased on-duty injury rates
  • Daily on-duty workouts across all shifts with 90%+ participation
  • Consistent annual decreased average percent body fat and increased skeletal muscle mass - Department average Jan 2020 - April 2020 = -3.2%BF
  • Annual on-duty training with small class sizes and personal interaction with O2X specialists. Scheduled with no impact on staffing or OT.
  • Nearly all members achieve annual program participation goals and recieve health and wellness incentive


2017 - Present

Our health and wellness program was built on the foundation of O2X. The EAT SWEAT THRIVE concept has dramatically changed the culture in the firehouse. It's rewarding to see how this program has guided our firefighters into a healthier lifestyle. Our morale is up - sick leave and injuries are down!
William Spillane
Fire Chief, Dedham Fire Department