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Jun 23

Chicago Blackhawks Speaker Series

by O2X

O2X will host 8 virtual training sessions over the course of several weeks at times and intervals determined by the Blackhawks to best fit organizational and player scheduling needs. Each session will include 45 minutes of education followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. Additionally, players will be able to submit questions for each specialist to respond to and send answers back to the organization following the sessions.

  • Topic 1: Intro to O2X & Character Development
  • Topic 2: Traits of Higher Performers
  • Topic 3: Leadership and Followership
  • Topic 4: Resilience and Mindset
  • Topic 5: Motivation and Mental Performance
  • Topic 6: Motivation and Goal Setting
  • Topic 7: Sleep for Recovery and Performance
  • Topic 8: Sacrifice and Brotherhood