federal Law enforcement CLIENT

Various locations | January 2018 - Present


In January of 2018, a federal law enforcement department sought an organization to provide critical health, wellness, and performance resources to their large and diverse workforce.  After an extensive search, O2X was selected for the opportunity based on our unique expeditionary capabilities to meet this client where they serve and our unmatched curriculum, instruction, and reputation.  Our partnership has strengthened ever since.  


  • Multiple cohorts simultaneously proceeding through diverse training pipelines across the US
  • 4-day human performance workshops
  • 2-day refresher training workshops
  • Quarterly check-in sessions
  • Dietary recall and performance nutrition analysis
  • Body composition and injury vulnerability analysis and reporting
  • Consolidated organizational and team reporting for leadership


  • 40+ educational sessions led by O2X in multiple cities
  • 3,885 unique data points collected through body composition analysis
  • Improved mobility, increased lean muscle mass, greater frequency of physical training
  • Enhanced nutrition tracking and better habits across the population
  • Critical support delivered to government personnel operating in difficult and stressful environments
  • A more resilient force


2018 - Present


Staff are very professional and engaging. Overall the workshop was what I expected; very productive with lots of information. I always complained of knee pain. Warming up provided that if I do warm up, I can actually perform squat workouts. Thank you for proving that concept to me.

A lot of classes end with thank you and goodbye. You guys really set the bar with follow on access to the experts, literature, research, and the Portal. I learned so much and will focus on the 1% change and not the unattainable goal.

O2X has done a fantastic job compiling SMEs that are active in research in their fields and communicate well with their audience.

You are all true patriots for your work, company culture, and support for each of us individually and as an organization.

Phenomenal workshop. I learned that I can use and implement short and long term goals. I’m looking forward to doing another one.

The personal story lends impact to everything that followed.