This program is going to change the face of the emergency services in our country.
This was one of the most comprehensive experiences I have ever encountered...I would recommend this course to all first responders and anyone else that would like to delve into optimization of the mind and body.
Department of Corrections
Thank you, all of you probably saved my marriage and my life.
Tactical Athlete
The O2X program taught me so much more about myself and lifestyle changes that I need to make to create a well balanced way of life that not only makes me a more effective firefighter and Paramedic, but [also] a better, healthier and happier person and family man.
Firefighter and Paramedic
We feel that O2X is not only giving us an edge on our competition, but is also making us better leaders and citizens.
College Coach
Thank you so much for putting together a fantastic program that adds so much value to our community. I am happy to see the shift occurring in terms of preventive care and improving quality of life NOW rather than later!
Tactical Athlete

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