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We take Human Performance Personally


We provide top tier training programs and expert coaching designed to optimize individual and team performance. Our integrated approach covers all categories of physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our elite team of more than 150 Human Performance Specialists – comprised of U.S. Special Operations veterans, Olympic, collegiate, and accomplished athletes, strength coaches, scientists, medical professionals, and injury prevention experts – deliver an unparalleled, science-backed curriculum tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

At O2X, we believe maximizing human performance is about identifying goals and making consistent improvements to get 1% better every day. Our results-driven curriculum is proven to help O2X athletes not only optimize human performance on the job, but also create healthy habits that stick for life.

“O2X Human Performance has shown our department that change is
possible and achievable and that personal goals lead to team goals. Small
changes each day can really lead to major improvements in the firefighters’
professional and personal lives.”

– Chief William Spillane, Dedham Fire Department


Customized training solutions  and programs that will transform your organization.

Adapted to meet your team’s needs, we bring our proprietary, science-backed curriculum to you. Our expeditionary approach allows us to bring our training to you – we go where you go. The hands-on education sessions are taught by the world’s leading experts in: physical training/conditioning, injury risk reduction, sleep and fatigue management, mental performance, nutrition, behavioral health and resilience.

Our world-class training and education program provides you and your staff with a variety of continuing education credits accredited by:

  • Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE)
  • Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS)
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • College Credits


Individualized screenings & assessments to provide a baseline and show progress over time.

We provide comprehensive motion-capture movement, body composition, and injury vulnerabilities screenings that help identify areas of risk and allow us to provide personalized recommendations. These screenings help establish a baseline and identify team-wide trends so O2X can help you effectively implement proper injury risk reduction protocols.

In addition to our movement and body composition screenings, the O2X Human Performance Assessment is a self-assessment that provides the foundation for all that we do. Using a proprietary algorithm, the HP Assessment allows O2X to organize, track, and highlight each participant’s areas of strength, as well as identifying areas of where individuals can improve within their daily routines. We compile this information to create team- and organization-wide reporting that provides leadership with a cross-section of their team’s strengths and areas for improvement.

See sample Human Performance Assessment



The Portal offers a library of education, resources, and training tools developed by our team of experts. 

Housing our EAT, SWEAT, THRIVE curriculum of more than 500 training programs, articles, and videos in mindfulness, resiliency, yoga nutrition/cooking, conditioning and more.

The Portal provides participants access to our educational content after workshops have concluded with downloadable conditioning programs built by world-class coaches.

These programs are broken down and designed to meet the specific job demands of different Tactical Athletes from Fire Rescue, LE Officers, Pilots & Flight Crew, to infantry and academy preparation and how to run your first 10K. If you’re a tactical athlete, we have a program built specifically for you and your goals!


Staff your organization with a full-time, on-site human performance specialist

On-site staffing is designed for agencies looking to fill a full-time human performance position and provide your organization with continuous support from O2X in all pillars of performance. This allows departments to let O2X do the work of screening and hiring a fully vetted and certified, elite O2X Specialist and to custom tailor the position to your unique organizational needs.

The O2X On-Site Specialist member has the full weight of the O2X team of experts supporting your department’s specific needs through complete access to reach-back support and resources.

We produce continuous evaluations and reports to administrators, demonstrating consistent progress.


Corporate culture and leadership events designed for organizations in- and outside the tactical space. 

Our events offer a systematic approach to developing a culture of excellence and forging a warrior spirit. We have brought our training to Fortune 500 and top tier organizations to help them develop the skills, traits, and culture necessary to maintain a competitive edge and optimize to the x.

These sessions range from land navigation courses and team building challenges to classroom sessions and experiential learning programs. Based on the foundations of leadership and key traits of high performing teams, these events provide individuals and organizations with concrete, actionable ways to build resilience, increase accountability, and foster a culture of excellence through proven methods like After Action Reviews and effective debriefing techniques.

“Strong bodies make strong minds – but more than that, [O2X] illustrates that the two are essential in the creation of high-functioning, operationally-savvy teams.”

– General Stanley McChrystal (Ret), Retired four-star general, former Commander of JSOC and ISAF


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