1% Better Every Day

If we were to summarize our O2X philosophy and training foundation into a single sentence it would be this:

Small, incremental changes implemented on a daily basis lead to sustainable lifestyle improvements.

Regardless of your goal - weight loss, stress reduction, muscle gain, increase resilience - there is no single, immediate solution. The way to improve is to get 1% better every day. That’s why we ask our athletes,

What’s your 1%?

What’s the one thing that you are going to focus on improving every day? Once you understand that, we can provide you the tools you need for to get 1% better every day.


O2X Provides you a variety of individuaal tools to measure and track your incremental growth on a regular basis.


The O2X Human Performance Assessment uses a proprietary algorithm to establish and track a baseline analysis for each participant. The personalized report highlights areas of strength, as well as, where individuals can improve within their daily routines.


Wear your commitment to getting 1% Better Every Day

The O2X Gear Shop let’s you wear your pledge as a reminder to your commitment to making incremental changes.

1% Better T-Shirt
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