At our core, we understand that striving for excellence takes work and that maximizing human performance is about making consistent improvements daily. There is no quick fix. We know that following a science-backed, comprehensive human performance program works, and we stand by it because we have seen the real-world impact through data-driven results.

A 16-week study published by the Journal of Exercise Physiology highlights the impact of O2X’s integrated training curriculum and methodology.

The study found a major metropolitan fire department saved $6.3 million dollars from the program’s intervention. $4.7 M was directly attributed to reductions in two components: total injuries, and sick calls.

  • For every $1 invested $4.6 were saved. This same return on investment ratio has been confirmed in several leading intervention studies on fire and workplace health ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Notable study impacts:

  • 89% improved physical fitness
  • 19% reduction in monthly injuries and paid time off
  • 39% reduction in monthly sick calls
  • 33.3% reduction in costs related to Cardiac disease
  • 23.4% reduction in costs related to Cancer
  • 20% reduction in costs related to Neck injuries

“We feel that O2X is not only giving us an edge on our competition, but making us better leaders and citizens.”

– Marc Hubbard, UNH Men’s Soccer Coach

Our Curriculum


The EAT pillar of O2X’s curriculum focuses on nutrition and fueling for performance. We cover three main areas when it comes to nutrition: quality, quantity, and timing of meals. Keeping these three things in mind will help you develop sustainable habits that target blood sugar stabilization, hydration, and the science behind fueling for optimal performance.

Dr. Maria Urso – EAT Specialist
Phd, Muscle Physiology and Biochemistry
Former Major U.S. Army, All-Army Marathon Team

Dr. Urso is an O2X Nutrition Specialist who regularly presents at O2X Workshops, and develops and edits O2X nutrition and conditioning based content. In 2013, Dr. Urso was named one of The 14 Most Impressive Women in the Military by Business Insider. She received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, or PECASE, the highest honor the U.S. government gives to science and engineering professionals in the early stages of research careers, for her research on cellular mechanisms of musculoskeletal injury and repair.

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O2X’s conditioning and movement specialists have built a program founded on injury risk reduction through functional movements and periodized programming. The O2X SWEAT curriculum is customized to meet your needs and focuses on job-specific training, functional and task specific movements, and injury risk reduction strategies that can be implemented into your daily routine.

Matt Cady – SWEAT Specialist
USA Weightlifting L.1 Coach, Precision Nutrition L.1 Coach, Div.1 Hockey Player

Matt has been in strength and conditioning since 2005. He started with the University of Denver under Mike Sanders with a team that won the Men’s Hockey National Championship. He continued his work at Miami University training athletes and went on to the 7th special forces group with Army Green Berets. His athletes have won championships, reached the highest professional ranks, and had successes with various selection courses. He now trains youth athletes in MI helping them achieve their athletic goals.

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The THRIVE pillar of O2X’s curriculum covers sleep & fatigue, stress management, and resilience. As a tactical athlete, you sign up to handle stress and post traumatic stress; however, with the proper training and resources, that stress does not have to lead to post traumatic stress disorder (PTS/D). Our program teaches evidence-based strategies for mitigating stress, building resilience, and improving sleep hygiene and provides individuals with concrete, actionable ways to practice those strategies so they can thrive on and off the job.

Maria Trozzi, M.Ed – THRIVE Specialist
Asst. Professor, Pediatrics – B.U. School of Medicine
Author, Bereavement & Resilience Specialist

Maria is an assistant professor of pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine; Director of the nationally renowned Good Grief Program at Boston Medical Center, a consultant to the Child Development Unit at Children’s Hospital, and an author. Her credentials and expertise have established her as one of the foremost experts in the country on resilience as families, schools and communities
face crises.

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