O2X's philosophy is simple: Nothing compares to the authentic challenges provided by Mother Nature.



O2X knows that the ultimate human performance lives at the intersection of Science, the Self and Society.

  • Protecting our Planet

    Mother Nature makes our event possible - it's only fair we treat her right. O2X is commited to a sustainability program that protects our host mountains. Our pledge is to leave the montains in better condition than when we found them.

  • An Ongoing Journey

    The finish line is only one element of the O2X experience. With each O2X Summit Challenge, you'll gain more muscle, stamina, and confidence. Our mind/body challenge will help you evolve to a higher level.

  • The O2X Human Advisory Board

    Our experts have determinded that three metrics are crucial in determining your fitness level: VO2 max, Body Mass Index, and Heart Rate Variability. These metrics give you the level of understanding of your bodies performance & fitness level, ability to perform better and resilence to handling stress.

  • "Obstacle Racing Goes Au Naturel!"


    "I'm excited that there's finally a race that puts people against their toughest competitor, Mother Nature. I can't wait to see how far O2X will push me."

    Frank Fumich is one of the most celebrated figures in the fitness community today. Known as an "ultra-marathoner", Frank recently raised over $80,000 by running from Washington D.C. to Boston in three days. We're thrilled and honored that Frank is participating in our upcoming O2X Sugarbush challenge.


    Come meet and be inspired by Geoff Krill and his incredible story. Adventure athlete, competitor, innovator and National Team Member of the Professional Ski Instructors of American (PSIA).

    After a 1995 snowmobile accident resulting in a spinal cord injury, Geoff Krill began skiing again and soon became a professional ski instructor. Since his injury, he has competed both nationally and internationally in downhill mountain biking and skiing events. Geoff participated in numerous wheelchair first ascents focused on breaking boundaries for those to come behind him. Most importantly, Geoff Krill is dedicated to increasing awareness for people with disabilities to better access the outdoors through the National Forest system. He now serves as President of Eastern Adaptive Sports, an organization where people with disabilities can come to find fellowship, education, and life enhancement through sport.


    Come see inspirational speaker Arno Ilgner at the O2X Sunday River Summit Challenge on September 27th.

    Arno Ilgner is the founder of the Desiderata Institute and the devloper of the Warriors Way®. His intention is to help people become more courageous and powerful when facing challenges.

  • "A new company who truly has the best of intentions behind their race"

    - Relentless Forward Commotion