Adam talks with retired Navy SEAL, Thom Shea, about what human performance for tactical athletes means and how O2X is helping these populations optimize performance and sustain long, healthy careers.
Adam talks with Stew Smith about his journey “To, Through, and After.” The two share stories and discuss how O2X is making an impact on the lives of tactical athletes.
O2X co-founders Adam La Reau and Paul McCullough talk about what led them to start the company and how the new book, Human Performance for Tactical Athletes, came together.
O2X sleep specialist Dr. Allison Brager talked with James Geering about her background as an active duty Army officer, athlete, author, and neuroscientist.
O2X footwear specialist Dr. Mike Donato provides education regarding footwear selection and gait analysis to first responders, military personnel, elite organizations, and other tactical athletes.
Adam shares his background as an accomplished athlete and becoming a Navy SEAL, before attending the Harvard Kennedy School. He talks about the preparation it takes to maximize performance.
Adam talks with O2X specialist Dave Nelson about optimizing mindset. Adam is a warrior in the highest sense of the word, always looking to give, improve and bring himself, his team and his customers to new levels of improvement every day.
O2X co-founder Adam La Reau discusses how he built the incredible cadre of wellness experts to implement wellness in the first responder community and more.
“The training programs include physical and mental challenges, and are aimed at improving overall wellness, preparedness, and performance across the board.”


“We’ve only been here a week and learned a lot — a lot more than I thought we’d learn, this far in,” the Army veteran said.
A program developed by former Navy SEALs is helping local firefighters train their minds to cope with the traumatic things they see while on the job. News4’s Chris Gordon reports. (Published Thursday, Dec 20, 2018 | Credit: Chris Gordon)
Finn said one key to changing the culture in Boston Fire has been the agency’s partnership with a company call O2X…
“The motto is ‘eat, sweat, thrive,’ and concepts of self-centering and mindfulness are almost snuck in next to intense workouts and workshops on healthy eating.”
“To date, O2X has hosted 18 workshops for about 900 Boston firefighters, including three academy classes, with plans for continued support…”
“A local company called O2X is helping these brave men and women face this crisis. O2X is focused on maximizing human performance.”
“The course treats firefighters like tactical athletes, and it’s tailored to keep them in top form – both mind and body. The yoga class is one part of the four-day training.”
“Firefighters from all parts of Montana are in the Garden City this week for tactical training at the Montana National Guard Armory.”
“The older guys aren’t here this year. But it’s still a good group of guys. It’s nice to see some young guys and be an older guy for once.”


O2X expert, Dr. Kelly Bennion, shared some insight on effective ways to improve your sleep so you can live a healthier, happier life.
“Dealing with high-stress situations and traumatic events regularly, members of the Loudoun County Combined Fire & Rescue System have to be on the top of their game physically, mentally, and emotionally at all times. And, they must develop a resilient mindset so they can come back stronger day after day.”
“At the end of the day, the fire service exists to serve the public….Are you the person you’d want answering your 911 call?”
“Due to the nature of the work, firefighters and other tactical athletes cannot afford to let unhealthy habits accumulate.”
“Our core focus is to help firefighters and other tactical athletes improve their physical and mental readiness and increase their productivity.”
“If given the proper tools and resources, individuals and departments can implement small, incremental changes that will lead to major lifestyle improvements.”
“Occupational hazards permeate all aspects of life and are not simply tossed aside when a work shift is over. As such, it is critical that firefighters train for maximum performance, not just improved fitness levels, so that they can thrive on and off the job.”
“For elite athletes, sleep can be the edge that pushes them to victory in a close competition.”