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Specified Training to Improve Functional Fitness and Reduce Injury and Lost Workdays in Active Duty Firefighters


Ramone Resop | U.S. Navy Corpsman (ret.) + O2X Business Development

Mike Counihan | NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau + 'No Donuts Here'

Billy Hegedus | New York City Firefighter (FDNY) + O2X Instructor

Janel Norton | Air Force Combat Photojournalist (ret.) + Co-founder Veterans Alternative

Ray Norton | Flight Medic & Pinellas Suncoast District Fire Chief (ret.)

Matt Chan | Former CrossFit Games Athlete + North Metro (CO) Firefighter

Alex Hartmann | Marine Corps Scout Sniper (ret.) + Co-Founder of Ridgeline Defense

Kelly Bennion, Ph.D. | 5 Ways to Boost Sleep Performance

Scott Lantz | Loudoun County (VA) Firefighter + Captain of Health & Wellness

AJ Fusco | Firefighter & Chef + Founder of Fork & Hose Co.

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O2X Human Performance teaches Chesapeake firefighters new skills that will help them endure a long career.

O2X, a company founded by Adam La Reau and two other former SEALs, works with DoD, DHS and emergency responders, but the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Phillies have also used its services.

Cincinnati Firefighters participate in a 1-day O2X Human Performance Workshop

Service Members Get Weekday O2X Workouts & Fuel for the Fight

Warrior FIT | 1% Better Every Day "This program is not 'fat camp.' It is a robust program, conducted by people who are dedicated to our success. Not only is it a great workout plan, it provided information that I would not have thought about in terms of overall fit­ness, like sleep and mental resiliency."


Service Members Get Weekday O2X Workouts & Fuel for the Fight

The BFD and its Safety Health and Wellness Division hosted an all-female class of firefighters, dispatchers, and support staff from 14 agencies in the Boston area at its Training Academy at Moon Island. The group assembled to participate in a four-day “O2X Human Performance Workshop,” tailor-made for the particular needs of women in the fire service.

Kayla Schmit is an O2X Human Performance on-site specialist for Frederick County, Maryland. Her role there is to provide a full-time performance resource to the members of the Frederick County DFRS aimed at reducing injuries, enhancing durability, and improving the performance of members.

“At the end of the day, the fire service exists to serve the public….Are you the person you’d want answering your 911 call?”

“If given the proper tools and resources, individuals and departments can implement small, incremental changes that will lead to major lifestyle improvements.”

“Our core focus is to help firefighters and other tactical athletes improve their physical and mental readiness and increase their productivity.”

“Due to the nature of the work, firefighters and other tactical athletes cannot afford to let unhealthy habits accumulate.”

O2X expert, Dr. Kelly Bennion, shared some insight on effective ways to improve your sleep so you can live a healthier, happier life.

Alexandria Fire Department recruits just received holistic training from O2X Human Performance

“For elite athletes, sleep can be the edge that pushes them to victory in a close competition.”