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Specified Training to Improve Functional Fitness and Reduce Injury and Lost Workdays in Active Duty Firefighters


Scott Ziegler | City of Detroit Firefighter + O2X Instructor Check out Scott's time in Highland Park Fire Department in "Detours: Detroit-area firefighters battle a plague of burning buildings" by The Verge.

This episode features Brice Long & Paul McCullough of O2X. Brice & Paul discuss the creation, evolution and future of their first responder physical and mental program.

Josh Stuart Shor | U.S. Army Green Beret + Boston Firefighter

Gabriel Gomez | Navy SEAL + Navy Pilot + O2X Co-Founder

Allison Brager | U.S. Army Neuroscientist + U.S. Army Fitness Team Athlete

Nick Barringer | U.S. Army Nutritionist + Asst. Professor at West Point

Matias Ferreira | Double Amputee Police Officer + USMC Veteran

James Geering | Firefighter + Behind the Shield Podcast Host

Dan Cnossen | Navy SEAL & Paralympian

Jason Lacayo | SWAT Operator

Adam La Reau | Navy SEAL & O2X Co-Founder

Brice Long, O2X Director of Human Performance Experience, talks to the NSCA Coaching Program Manager, Eric McMahon, about O2X’s holistic approach for fire, police, military, and federal agencies. Topics under discussion include the value of training as a firefighter, physical tests and assessments in the National Guard, and being diverse in your skill sets as a coach.

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Warrior FIT | 1% Better Every Day "This program is not 'fat camp.' It is a robust program, conducted by people who are dedicated to our success. Not only is it a great workout plan, it provided information that I would not have thought about in terms of overall fit­ness, like sleep and mental resiliency."

Press Release: O2X Human Performance to provide critical education for state river pilots after record breaking high river year.

Press Release: From January 28-30, members of the Austin-area fire and police departments will participate in a three-day health, wellness, and safety training workshop.

Press Release: O2X Human Performance’s work with the Massachusetts Army National Guard is featured in this edition of The Minuteman Magazine. Give it a read and learn how O2X is has partnered with the Mass ARNG to increase soldier readiness, resilience, and retention as well as to help these tactical athletes prepare to take the new ACFT this fall.

The O2X team of specialists delivered custom-tailored curriculum for the pilots covering: nutrition, sleep, stress management, and resilience. River pilots also received specific training on fatigue and energy management – tools vital to success on the water.

Melody Mendez from NECN spoke with Dr. Meg Garvey of O2X Human Performance, a veteran-owned company that provides comprehensive, science-backed training and education.

“The older guys aren’t here this year. But it’s still a good group of guys. It’s nice to see some young guys and be an older guy for once.”

“Dealing with high-stress situations and traumatic events regularly, members of the Loudoun County Combined Fire & Rescue System have to be on the top of their game physically, mentally, and emotionally at all times. And, they must develop a resilient mindset so they can come back stronger day after day.”

Press Release: O2X Human Performance to provide training and education for local first responders with workshop sponsored by Cigna

Press Release: O2X Human Performance to provide training and education for local fire fighters with workshop sponsored by MSA Safety

Press Release: Identified soldiers or those unlikely to pass the updated version of the ACFT, will begin working with O2X Human Performance who have designed training to specifically address the new ACFT physical assessment.

“The motto is ‘eat, sweat, thrive,’ and concepts of self-centering and mindfulness are almost snuck in next to intense workouts and workshops on healthy eating.”


Kayla Schmit is an O2X Human Performance on-site specialist for Frederick County, Maryland. Her role there is to provide a full-time performance resource to the members of the Frederick County DFRS aimed at reducing injuries, enhancing durability, and improving the performance of members.

“At the end of the day, the fire service exists to serve the public….Are you the person you’d want answering your 911 call?”

“If given the proper tools and resources, individuals and departments can implement small, incremental changes that will lead to major lifestyle improvements.”

“Our core focus is to help firefighters and other tactical athletes improve their physical and mental readiness and increase their productivity.”

“Due to the nature of the work, firefighters and other tactical athletes cannot afford to let unhealthy habits accumulate.”

O2X expert, Dr. Kelly Bennion, shared some insight on effective ways to improve your sleep so you can live a healthier, happier life.

Alexandria Fire Department recruits just received holistic training from O2X Human Performance

“For elite athletes, sleep can be the edge that pushes them to victory in a close competition.”